Victorious Flourish Ministry

Victorious Flourish Ministry is into Helps Ministry for family, friends and to our immediate sphere of contact cuts across the globe. Our vision is to reach out to the poor and needy in our community, environs and globe at large especially to helpless children and old people who need helps. We have started in our own little way and from time to time we will be updating with info of who we are currently sending huge help to.

To be a part of this reach out program, you can make a donation of any amount from $10 and above and your donation will contribute immensely to our helps program and we will acknowledge every help and publish same with amount on our blog. You can also contact us for bank details to make your donation in case you are not able to use crypto currency or pay pal.

Currently, we have one Mr Madu to reach out to who has a serious eye problem but lacks money for the operation. Check on our blog for his Doctor’s report and his full contact. He needs money urgently to undergo an eye operation, the total amount needed is seen in the document published on our blog.


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