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Victorious Flourish International also known as Flourish and Victory Ventures is a Freelance/Multilevel Marketing Company registered in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa from 2005. Victoria Obilam remain the sole Director of the company internationally with close to 15 Staff members.

The company deals on legal businesses ranging from Online Hotel Bookings, Import/Export of Fuel Addictive (Fuel Energy), Buying/Selling of Top 10 Crypto-Currencies, Multi-Level-Marketing, Buying and Selling of Cars and also Renders Training for the above mentioned.

Victorious Flourish also combine business with World Evangelism through her Online Ministrations.

VISION: Our vision is to set up a home for old people, abandoned children and helpless individuals then nurture them well and get them equipped for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

MISSION:  Our mission is to empower mainly women to take up responsibilities in homes, ministries and immediate communities thereby reducing prostitutions, women trafficking and other illegal means through which women get involved in making money.

Victorious Flourish International

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