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Flourish & Victory Ventures was registered in September 12 2005 by Victoria Chioma Obilam Edmond under Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja-Nigeria with registration number 007863. The company kicked off instantly with Freelance Marketing Services, Hotel Logistics and Global Networking. Our Global Network introduced a Cooperative Society thereby leading to the birth of Victorious Flourish Cooperative Multipurpose Society in 2012.

At the meeting of Board of Director/Staff Members of Flourish & Victory Ventures held at 20A Lateef Salami, Lagos-Nigeria by 9AM on 23rd of July 2012, it was agreed that Flourish & Victory Ventures should register for a Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society in order to operate a proper Cooperative Society, hence Flourish & Victory Ventures gave birth to Victorious Flourish Cooperative Multipurpose Society which was registered on 11th October 2012 with registration number L.S.C.S 13986 and our first meeting was held on the 22nd of December 2012 at Cheers Hotel Ikeja, Lags-Nigeria with 15 members in attendance where Victoria Chioma Obilam Edmond was elected as the President of the Cooperative.

Victorious Flourish International

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