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Flourish & Victory Ventures was registered in September 12 2005 by Victoria Chioma Obilam under Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja-Nigeria with registration number 007863.  The company kicked off instantly with Freelance Marketing Services, Hotel Logistics and Global Networking. Our Global Network introduced a Cooperative Society thereby leading to the birth of Victorious Flourish Cooperative Multipurpose Society in 2012.

At the meeting of Board of Director/Staff Members of Flourish & Victory Ventures held at 20A Lateef Salami, Lagos-Nigeria by 9AM on 23rd of July 2012, it was agreed that Flourish & Victory Ventures should register for a Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society in order to operate a proper Cooperative Society, hence Flourish & Victory Ventures gave birth to Victorious Flourish Cooperative Multipurpose Society which was registered on 11th October 2012 with registration number L.S.C.S 13986 and our first meeting was held on the 22nd of December 2012 at Cheers Hotel Ikeja, Lags-Nigeria with 15 members in attendance where Victoria Chioma Obilam  was elected as the President of the Cooperative.

About Us

We are a multipurpose cooperative society established to coordinate professionals and entrepreneurs in organizing a pool of private funds to serve as a reliable source of credit and investment opportunities, which members can look towards as a convenient and more affordable means of personal and entrepreneurial development.

Our targets are people with whom we share common bond; those who are professionals, aspiring, striving or thriving entrepreneurs, to meet their personal, economic, social, cultural and academic aspirations through a jointly owned enterprise; Victorious Flourish Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited

Victorious Flourish Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited registered with, certified and regulated by the Lagos State Government with the Registration number L.S.C.S 13986. Through joint effort and network membership, we want to demystify the gruesome challenge of funding for those who genuinely have entrepreneurial vision and are willing to make a bold step towards the seemingly distant future.

Our Philosophy is simple; there is awesome power and amazing possibilities in collaborative efforts. We believe people can achieve much more together than individually, entrepreneurs and SME owners can achieve their dreams with or without the exorbitant traditional bank loans. We are convinced that there is a post modern approach to thrift and credit cooperation; we can develop our individual abilities while we grow our collective opportunities and strengthen our individual economy.

Victorious Flourish Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited has the objective to promote economic empowerment and welfare interest of its members by providing investment in real estate as well as exchange of business ideas with the ultimate aim of empowering its members.

Core Values
Every organization that must endure over time has a set of core principles it regards as key to its survival and existence. These principles are known as core values and they avail our organization with the ability to remain consistent over time and in the face of challenges. They under gird our culture and belief system and serve as the basis for our brand promises
• Trust in God
• Professionalism
• Resilience
• Integrity
• Security of funds
• Efficiency, enthusiasm & excellence
Vision and Mission
Our Vision

To be a one-stop co-operative society in the real estate business/ investment in Nigeria and beyond through the provision of exceptional services, delivering unparalleled value and positively empowering our members and stakeholders in wealth creation.

Our Mission

To increase the capital and wealth of every Cooperative Member and be a reference point for entrepreneurial aspirations and achievement.


As an investment based co-operative society, our objectives are:

  • empower the members;
  • grow their wealth;
  • deliver superior returns to all stakeholders;
  • providing facilities for deposits and savings by members;
  • enabling members to obtain loans for necessary purposes at reasonable interest;
  • investment in capital market and money market investment including FGN Bonds and Crypto Currency
  • investment in Real Estate and also entering into Joint Venture arrangements;
  • raising funds by issuing shares and contracting loans;
  • pooling resources together or otherwise collaborate to engage in ventures and projects of mutual benefit;
  • Taking other measures designed to encourage in members the spirit and practice of thrift, mutual help and self-help.

Victorious Flourish Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited – Membership

Type of membership

Savings Members: minimum savings of N50,000.00 (you can make it up in 3 instalments)

Ordinary members: Minimum shares subscription of 100,000 units of N1 share @ N1.00 per   share
Preferential members: Minimum shares subscription of 1,000,000 units of N1 share @ N1.00 per share.

It is shareholding members that have the participatory voting rights at Annual General Meetings, enjoy dividends, bonuses, surpluses, advisory board elections or other appointment.



What are the benefits of being a member?

• The opportunity to save in a secured environment.
• Earning good returns on investments and savings.
• Can use contribution to obtain loans with the co-operative.
• The opportunity of being a part of an investment club.
• The opportunity in learning viable trades and training opportunities for new trades.
• Can withdraw investment (savings) whenever you want by simple notice.
• The opportunity to exchange business ideas.
• Safety and growth of your funds with proper management of investments.
• A fractional ownership of the assets of the co-operative society.
• Guaranteed ownership of a house(s) in any location sold to you at discounted prices on any estate developed by the society.

How do you become a member?

• Must be above 18 years and productively engaged in a legitimate business/work
• Yearly nonrefundable registration fee of N10,000.00.
• Subscribe to a prescribed minimum unit of shares of the co-operative
• Payment of annual membership subscription fee of N100,000.00 p.a
• Payment of minimum monthly subscription of N15,000.00
• Attend regular meetings.

Application for membership

Victorious Flourish Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited welcome applications from customers who share our values, live in Nigeria or outside Nigeria and who are aged 18 years or over. As a member you are required to hold and retain shares in “Victorious Flourish Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited” as either an ordinary member or preferential members. We reserve the right to refuse any application for membership.

Victorious Flourish Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited  – Data Protection

Data Protection
We take our responsibilities for data seriously.

Victorious Flourish Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited will use your information to:

• Issue your share of the profits payment
• Provide the products and services you need
• Improve the quality of our products and services to you
• Provide you with offers that we believe will interest you

We may pass your details onto our subsidiaries including The Banks and The Insurance Company and other co operative societies and carefully selected organizations (our “Partners”) We and/or our Partners would like to tell you by post, telephone and fax – including automated dialing, email SMS, MMS, or other computer methods about a wide range of offers, which may interest you.

If you do not wish to receive this information please ring the help line on

+234 808 385 1098 or tick the relevant box on the application form.

We may monitor or record telephone calls and or emails for security reasons and to improve the quality of our service to you.

When you contact us we will ask you to register security information to help protect your account. If you choose not to register this information you will not be able to manage your account over the phone or online.

Please note that we will disclose personal information to fraud prevention and other agencies to help prevent crime or where we suspect fraud.

Products and Services

These includes the following:

  • Regular Savings Account (Thrift )
  • Home Savings Account
  • Personal and Business Loan (Credit )
  • Equipment and Leasing
  • Rent Finance
  • Payday Loan/ Salary Advance
  • Contract, Supply and LPO Finance
  • Bulk Purchase
  • Quick Pay
  • Quarterly Training and Development
  • Financial Advisory
  • Insurance
  • Banking and Money Transfer
  • Unsecured Loan


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